The Different Styles and Designs of a Lab Coat

Throughout the years, just like all types of clothing, lab coats have evolved. Initially, it is just to set a distinguishing feature on doctors from other medical professionals. On the other hand, it serves as a transition from medicine to a more scientific approach, making this article of clothing an icon of the aforementioned field.

lab coats

However, not all are the same and designed equally. In fact, there are various styles and designs depending on the manner of work or the level of comfort desired by the wearer. Apart from these, there are more important aspects such as stain and wrinkle resistance, as well as the number of pockets and openings to access trouser pockets.

Here are some examples of lab coats Australia companies like Mediscrubs are offering.

  1. Full-length / Knee-length

If you want something that reaches down to your knees, probably to cover much of your body, then these would suit you best. Ranges between 36 inches to 42 inches in length, these are highly recommended if you are working in a laboratory, handling various types of substances. You do not want chemicals spilling on your trousers.

  1. Short-length

You might be a doctor or a chemist who needs to move around often. More often than not, walking while wearing knee-length coats may not feel comfortable at all. Which is why there are ergonomically suited lab coatsthat allow a wider range of movement for people who are always on the go. Its length usually goes down to the thighs and ranges from 28 inches to 35 inches.

However, if you are a tall person. You can customise it by adding 2 more inches in total length and on the sleeves.

  1. Consultation coats

If you are a physician, then most likely you have worn this already during consultations. Looks more like ordinary coats, these can be styled and customised depending on your design preferences.

  1. Lab jackets

Just like any form of jackets, this is short and fitted to look more like a sports coat or a blazer. It usually even has zippers for closures. Just like other lab coats in Australia, this is designed to make you comfortable and stylish at the same time. Imagine wearing this, and you will surely feel like an MVP.

  1. Fitted or Fashioned

Speaking of blazers, there are designs made for a slimmer fit with back belts or princess seams for a more lean appearance. Perfect for those who want a more feminine style, this has a low-cut design made to drape pleasantly. Making lab coats like this a great choice for those who want to look chic while working.

These are just some of the different styles available. You may be working as a consultant or a lab technician, but looking good while on the job is never far from possible.

However, make sure that you get to check on the type of fabric used and see if a flame-resistant cloth is used for making coats. Especially if you are working with harmful and flammable substances, your safety should always be the priority when selecting an attire for work.

To buy lab coats Australia clothing companies offer you options made for comfort and style. Check them out now.